4K Digital Cinema


4K digital cinema camera with matte box, follow-focus, monitor and external recorder

Using the latest in 4K imaging technology, we maximize every shot in terms of resolution, color fidelity and subject composition — and future-proof your vision for the high res applications coming down the road.  Our use of Super 35 and Full Frame sensors, coupled with fast prime lenses, provide beautifully cinematic shallow depth of field views to give every story an engaging and professional edge.

Our cine packages consist of low heat and low wattage lighting, camera stabilization and motion support — including sliders, dollies, Steadicams and gimbals — as well as green screen, solid and textured backgrounds.  We gear our productions for shooting on-location and keep our footprint small for discreet filming in nearly any environment.

Pro Audio

Audio kit with Sound Devices 302 broadcast mixer and 633 multi-track recorder

A great shot deserves great sound!  While effectively capturing visuals is necessary in any production, sound mixing and recording is just as important– if not more!  Too many times we have seen production crews use audio as an afterthought or something to be fixed in post. By using professional grade field mixers, multitrack recorders and microphones, you can expect superior sound for each and every take.

Our Pro Audio services cover everything from location field sound to studio voice-over and sound effects.  We also offer complete audio and video sync solutions using timecode generators, smart slates and recorders.

Post Production


Adobe Premiere Pro edit suite with broadcast displays and studio sound monitors

PFW Media utilizes the professional editing platform of Adobe Premiere Pro to streamline the post-production process for television, film and streaming media. With an extensive selection of motion effects, filters, backgrounds, graphics and music libraries, we provide all of the tools and resources our clients have come to expect to make their projects impressive, engaging and one-of-a-kind.

What would your video marketing strategy be without hassle-free playback on multiple platforms, networks and devices? How video is encoded means everything to how viewers, clients and customers access your content. We make sure your project is faithfully encoded to meet critical industry standards and that your content runs fast and reliably.

The safety and security of your media projects is our top priority and the redundant storage and off-site backup of our media servers ensures that all of your content will always be private, protected and easily recoverable in the case of a disaster.