catp_logoThe innovation and ingenuity behind Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty in Narberth, PA is truly something to behold — so much so, that it’s difficult to put down!  With a variety of colors, effects and styles, Thinking Putty is unlike any specialty toy out there.  With increasing, international demand and a team looking for new ways to market, Crazy Aaron partnered with ProCine to produce a series of videos to promote their brand and better engage with customers.

Display Promo

ProCine provided a full service, concept-to-completion package when crafting the in-store display promo for Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty.  By providing their marketing team with different ideas we were able to zero in on an approach that would be most appealing to their customer base, to be completed in a short time frame, and priced well below the competition.

Once the concept was approved, we constructed a script, storyboard, shooting schedule and shot-list in order to efficiently obtain the variety of shots required.  Crazy Aaron’s lab was even designed and lit in our very own studio space.  And by crewing make-up, special effects, screen and voice talent, ProCine ensured a smooth production every step of the way.

When Crazy Aaron launched his Mixed By Me Thinking Putty Kit, ProCine was brought in to recreate the lab set from the display video in a more permanent space in their new location.   The idea was to showcase the new product through a fun demonstration and engage viewers by encouraging them to share formulas for their own Thinking Putty creations.

For the demo, ProCine designed the lighting and supplied three HD cameras and a field sound kit with wireless mics hidden on Aaron and boom mics to record the sounds on set. Through multiple angles we were able to capture both wide and medium shots of Aaron, as well as grab closeups of the product from the side.

Product Demo

Customer Video

While the Crazy Aaron brand is best known for its amazing lineup of toy products, its customization division is designed to target companies and organizations looking to  market with “the power of Thinking Putty!”

For this project, ProCine helped craft the message, draw up the storyboards and provide a full production day working with talent and product setups.  Motion graphics and text were added in post production and voice-over was recorded in-house.

What’s more fun than profiling a “day in the life” of Crazy Aaron?   For this project, we relied little on scripts and storyboards and covered it run-and-gun style, complete with Steadicam and location sound kit.  From the factory floor to the packaging center to the main office in Narberth (and a brief break for pizza!) we document Crazy Aaron’s interactions with staff and even catch a glimpse of his coveted DeLorean.

The intention of the video was to be shown to sales reps as an end-of-the-year “thank you” for their hard work and to give them some insight into the behind-the-scenes operations of the Crazy Aaron enterprise.

End of Year Sales Video

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