sjp_horizontal_redgray_college_lockupProCine has had the great privilege of partnering with the admissions and marketing team at St. Joseph’s Preparatory School on a number of projects ranging from documentary productions to television commercials to senior thank you videos.  Named as the top private high school in Philadelphia year after year, St. Joe’s Prep is committed to excellence and continually chooses ProCIne to help tell the story of their exceptional school.

:30 TV Spot

Admissions Video

When crafting the admissions video for  St. Joe’s Prep, ProCine provided the skills and tools necessary to artistically capture testimonials from faculty and parents.  With the use of a compact, motorized camera slider, we were able to give everyday school moments a bit of cinematic movement while easily transitioning from location to location quickly and discreetly.

During post-production, footage was organized into themes prevalent to the St. Joe’s Prep experience.  Inspiring music tracks helped to carry each section and connect the viewer with the message.   The use of graphic backgrounds, transitions and animation provided a creative edge and energy that reflect’s The Prep’s image as Philadelphia’s premier private high school.

Some of the greatest feedback The Prep receives is from the parents.  The admissions team worked closely with ProCine to create a comfortable interview environment where parents could engage in a conversation about their experience in choosing The Prep and how it has prepared their sons for college and beyond.

By using a large classroom, ProCine supplied cameras, lighting and backgrounds to give the impression of a studio space.  Wireless lavalier microphones were placed on each of the parents and a boom microphone was placed above to provide additional sound coverage.  The finished product was used as part of a web campaign to speak to parents of prospective students.

Parent to Parent

Conversation with Fr. Swope, President

In Fall of 2015, Fr. John Swope became president of St. Joseph’s Preparatory School.  To provide some background information for students, parents, faculty and the larger Prep community, “A Conversation with Fr. Swope” presentation was created for the school website.  Originally separated into shorter sections, this video provided an in-depth look at the incoming president.

Originally filmed on location at Cristo Rey High School in Baltimore, ProCine provided two cameras, lighting and a sound package to properly document this interview with Fr. Swope.

The “Dear 8th Grader” videos were aimed at the eighth-graders who had recently been accepted to St. Joe’s Prep as a way for both current students and faculty to welcome them to the school.  Through friendly advice and sharing personal experiences of their first few weeks of school, the student version offered encouraging anecdotes and humorous situations that can be found in the daily life at The Prep.

Filmed in the student cafeteria throughout the school day, students were invited to appear on camera and answer a few questions by the admissions staff.  ProCine provided cameras, lighting, backgrounds and sound gear to capture each interview efficiently.  A phone text animation was created to provide a fun way to engage and welcome viewers to the school.

Student Video

Faculty Video

Building on the success of the first “Dear 8th Grader” video, the St. Joseph’s Prep admissions team decided to give the faculty a turn!  Being one of our first projects in 4K, this allowed us to use one camera to obtain multiple shots of each individual faculty member.  By composing the shot in a wide angle, we had the flexibility to recompose and orient each subject to provide a more dynamic viewing experience.

Additionally, ProCine produced a third “outtake” video from the faculty footage to provide a fun supplement to the Dear 8th Grader series.

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