Production Packages

Our creative video production services deliver concept-to-completion packages for promotional films, documentary projects, instructional programs, and more!  We would be happy to customize the right production for your needs, whether it is for broadcast television, web streaming or special event viewing.

Below are the cinema, sound and lighting packages we offer here at Pro Cine.  Competitively priced, we utilize the best tools in the industry to deliver results that go above and beyond.


The ARRI Alexa has become the revolutionary Hollywood standard for professional motion picture capture since its introduction in 2010.  As a digital cinema camera capable of resolutions up to 2.8k and framerates up to 120fps, the Alexa has arguably the most robust and organic image in its class, making it the top choice for mainstream films, broadcast television series and Netflix originals.

Kit includes: DP/Camera Operator, ARRI Alexa Plus camera with ARRIRAW 2.8K, Odyssey 7Q+ monitor/recorder, tripod, matte box, batteries, external power, SxS cards and SSD drives.  Lenses include 18-35mm, 50mm, 80-200mm.


Sony CineAlta

The Sony CineAlta™ F35 is a professional grade digital motion picture camera providing excellent image quality, depth of field similar to a 35mm film camera, and a wide dynamic range.  Having the widest color space in the industry,  the F35 allows accurate hue and saturation reproduction and offers full bandwidth high definition 4:4:4 recording.

Kit includes: DP/Camera Operator, Sony F35 camera, Odyssey 7Q+ monitor/recorder, tripod, matte box, batteries and external power. Lenses include 16mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm primes.


4K Mirrorless

Using the latest in 4K imaging technology, we maximize every shot in terms of resolution, color fidelity and subject composition — and future-proof your vision for the high-rez applications coming down the road. Our use of Super 35 and Full Frame sensors, coupled with fast zoom and prime lenses, provide beautifully cinematic shallow depth of field views to give every story an engaging and professional edge.

Kit includes: DP/Camera Operator, 2x Sony A7RII camera with Video Devices PIX-e5H for monitoring/recording, Sony A6500 with gimbal, tripod, motorized slider, batteries, cards, drives and filters. Lenses include: 10-18mm, 24-105mm, 70-200mm zooms or 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm primes.

ProMediaGear motorized slider with 32" curved or straight track

Journalist Kit

For event coverage, press conferences, street interviews and other ENG-type camera applications, our Journalist Kit is the perfect package for run-and-gun productions requiring quick and flexible setups without sacrificing video and sound quality.

Kit includes: Camera operator, Sony FS100 Camcorder with Video Devices PIX240 ProRes 422 Recorder, tripod,  Sennheiser G3 wireless mic, batteries, media cards, drives and filters. Lenses include: 11-18mm, 17-50mm, 70-300mm zooms.


Location Sound

A great shot deserves great sound!  By using professional-grade field mixers, multi-track recorders and microphones, you can expect superior sound for each and every take.  Our Location Sound Kits cover everything from field audio to studio voice-over and sound effects. We also offer complete audio and video sync solutions using digital smart slates and wireless timecode readers and generators.

633 Kit includes: Audio Technician, Sound Devices 633 mixer/recorder, 2x Audio Ltd wireless mics with lavaliers, Rode NTG-3 boom mic with pole and blimp, Denecke timecode slate, 2x Ambient Nanolockits, 2x Sennheiser G3 wireless hops.

302 Kit includes: Audio Technician, Sound Devices 302 mixer, 2x Sennhesier G3 wireless mics with either lavalier or stick mics, Rode NTG-3 boom mic with pole and blimp, umbilical cable for tethered connection to camera.

Sound devices 633 and 302


Add-Ons can be applied to any package and consist of low heat/ low wattage lighting, monitoring, camera stabilization and motion support.  We gear our productions for shooting on-location and keep our footprint small for discreet filming in nearly any environment.

– ARRI L7 LED Fresnels, IKAN Lyra LED soft light panels, ALZO fluorescent light panels, Lowell Pro-Lights with stands and sandbags.
– Flags, scrims, gels, cookies, C-stands

– PMG motorized slider for straight and curved shots, Z-Crane gimbal, Steadicam
– Dolly with 12′ track
– JVC 24″ Field Production Monitors
– On-site DIT support
– Action cameras and drones

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